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Adelaide – Art Gallery of South Australia
Antony in Egypt (aka Antony and Cleopatra) (oil on canvas, c.1929)
The Model (watercolour, c.1956)
The Salute (oil on canvas, c.1963)

Brisbane – Queensland Art Gallery
Head of Woman [Cecilia Kramer] (oil on canvas, 1957)

Canberra – National Gallery of Australia
The Bedroom (etching, 1925)

Melbourne – National Gallery of Victoria
Playground (pencil, colour wash and watercolour, c.1930)
Sam Rabin versus Black Eagle (oil on canvas, 1934)
The Something Road Group (pencil and watercolour, c.1956)

Perth – Art Gallery of Western Australia
Trafalgar Square (oil on canvas, 1952)

Sydney – Art Gallery of New South Wales
The Interval before Round Ten (oil on canvas, 1919–20)
The Prodigal Sets Out (watercolour and pencil, 1926–7)
Half-length male nude (pencil, c.1936–7)


Montreal Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
The Swing (chalk, c.1942)

Ottawa National Gallery of Canada
The First German Gas Attack At Ypres (oil on canvas, 1918)
Study for The First German Gas Attack at Ypres (chalk, pencil and wash, 1918)


Dublin National Library of Ireland
Liam O'Flaherty (black and red chalk, 1926)

New Zealand

Dunedin Dunedin Public Art Gallery
The Carpenters – study (pencil, 1912)
The Aeroplane Scout (pen, ink and wash, 1919)

United Kingdom

Aberdeen – Aberdeen Art Gallery
TV (oil on canvas, 1960)

Barnsley – Cooper Art Gallery
Study for The Crucifixion (pen, pencil and wash, c.1922)

Bath – Victoria Art Gallery
Dressmakers (aka The Try-on) (oil on canvas, c.1931)

Bedford – The Higgins
The Battering Ram (watercolour, 1919)
Study for At the Hippodrome (chalk and wash, 1920–21)
The Boat Pond (chalk and watercolour, 1956)

Belfast – Ulster Museum
Sawing Wood (oil on canvas, 1930)
Les Routiers (oil on canvas, 1931)
Watching a Raid (pencil and watercolour, c.1918)

Bolton – Bolton Museum and Art Gallery
The Wash (aka Bath-night) (oil on canvas, 1929)
The Kitchen – study (aka Some Recipes) (pencil and watercolour, 1942–5)

Bournemouth – Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum
The Happy Family (oil on canvas, 1924)

Bradford – Cartwight Hall Art Gallery
Study for Nativity (charcoal and watercolour, c.1913)
Study for The Cinema (pencil and watercolour, 1920)
Jockeys (aka The Paddock) (oil on canvas, 1928)

Bristol – Bristol Museum and Art Gallery
The Discussion (aka Discussion in a Café and The Café) – study for The Restaurant) (watercolour, 1929)
The Palm Foretells (oil on canvas, 1937)

Cambridge – Fitzwilliam Museum
Sir Cyril Butler (red chalk, 1911–12)
Her Baby (black chalk and crayon over traces of graphite, c.1920)
Self-portrait (pencil, c.1926?)
Maynard and Lydia Keynes (red chalk, 1932)

Cardiff – National Museum of Wales
Before the Race (pencil, 1928–30)
The Boy's Gym (pencil, c.1930)
Sun-bathers (watercolour and pencil, c.1931)
Channel Crossing (pencil, 1934–5)
The Shooting Party (aka The Huntsman) (oil on canvas, 1976)
Selecting Calves (oil on canvas, c.1940)

Chichester – Pallant House Gallery
Bathers I (pencil and watercolour, c.1940)
Bullfight (watercolour and black chalk, 1928)
Study for He Knew Degas (Portrait of Sickert) (pencil, 1938)

Coventry – Herbert Art Gallery
Shell Burst (aka 5.9 Bursting Down) (pencil, ink and watercolour, 1919)

Derby – Derby Museum and Art Gallery
Acrobats (pen and wash, 1916–17)

Doncaster – Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery
Study for The Palm Foretells (watercolour and gouache, 1937)

Dudley – Dudley Museum and Art Gallery
Standing Woman with Folded Arms (Sarah Roberts) (red chalk, 1919)

Edinburgh – Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art
Girl in Mauve Hat (oil on canvas, 1923)
The Rhine Boat (oil on canvas, 1928)
The Ballet (oil on canvas, 1933)
A Reading of Poetry (aka Woman Reading) (oil on canvas, 1965)

Exeter – Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery
Study for Kites (pencil and watercolour, 1965–6)

Glasgow – Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum
The Dancers (oil on canvas, 1919)
Tarts (etching, c.1925)
Study for Bath-night (aka Workman's Family) (pencil, 1929)

Harlow – Gibberd Gallery
Fishermen (watercolour and pencil, 1968)

Harrogate – Mercer Art Gallery
Study for Carpet Beaters (watercolour and pencil, 1927–8)
Feeding Gulls (pencil and wash, 1929)

Hull – Ferens Art Gallery
Christ Driving the Money Changers from the Temple (oil on canvas, 1925)

Ipswich – Ipswich Museum
Study for Munitions Factory (pencil, 1940)

Leeds – Leeds City Art Gallery
Loading Ballast (aka The Mazeppa) (watercolour and drawing, 1927)
The Dance Club (aka Jazz and The Jazz Party) (oil on canvas, 1921)
The Family (aka The Peasants) (oil on canvas, 1934)
The Shower (aka Umbrellas) (pencil and watercolour, c.1964)

Leicester – Leicestershire County Council Artworks Collection, County Hall
The Dentist (oil on canvas, 1925)

Leicester – New Walk Museum and Art Gallery
At the Hippodrome (aka The Gods) (oil on canvas, 1920–21)
Male Nude (pencil, c.1937)
Female Nude (pencil, c.1937)

Liverpool – Walker Art Gallery
Water Polo (pencil and coloured washes, 1938)
Study for Heatwave (pencil and watercolour, c.1965)

London – British Museum
Portrait of the Artist's Brother (pencil, c.1911)
Two-step II (pencil, watercolour and gouache, c.1915)
Red Cross Dressing Station, Advanced Post (pencil, pen, watercolour and brown chalk, 1918)
Soldiers Putting up Wagon Lines (black chalk, 1919)
To the Lord of Song (pencil, c.1919)
Bathers (etching, c.1925)
Boozers (etching, c.1925)
Study for Outclassed (black chalk and pencil, c.1925)
Self-portrait (etching, c.1925)
Armistice Night (aka Armistice Day) (pen, black ink, pencil and watercolour, c.1925)
The Park Bench (pencil and gouache, 1933)
Nude Female Study (pencil and wash, 1946–7)
The Critic Intervenes (watercolour, c.1948)

London – Guildhall Art Gallery
Demolition Squad (oil on canvas, 1941)
Study for Fair Swings (watercolour, 1950)
Sidney J. Barton (oil on canvas, 1959)
Coconut Shy (lithograph, 1950)
Fair Swings (pencil and watercolour, 1950)
Bus Stop (watercolour, 1948–9)

London – Hampstead Library
Portrait (self-portrait) (drawing, c.1920)

London – Imperial War Museum
The Menin Road (ink, pencil and watercolour, c.1917)
Tommies Filling their Water Bottles with Rain from a Shell Hole (ink, pencil, chalk and watercolour, 1918)
The Gas Chamber (ink, pencil and watercolour, 1918)
Pack Mules (ink, pencil, red chalk and wash, c.1918)
In the Ypres Sector. An Infantry Duck-board Track being Shelled by the Germans (pencil and watercolour, 1918)
Gunners Turning Out for an SOS: Battery Action at Night (pencil, and watercolour, c.1918)
A Group of Generals ('General Staff') (pencil and watercolour, c.1918)
During a Battle (pencil and watercolour, c.1918)
Rosières Valley ('Signallers Laying a Wire') (ink and watercolour, 1918)
An Attack The Capture of Delville Wood (ink and chalk, c.1918)
The Signallers (pencil, ink and watercolour, 1918)
Brigade Headquarters: Signallers and Linesmen (ink and wash, c.1918)
Study for A Shell Dump, France (pencil, 1918)
Sketch for A Shell Dump, France (pen and watercolour, 1918)
A Shell Dump, France (oil on canvas, 1918–19)
Burying the Dead after a Battle (black crayon on paper, 1919)
The Crucifixion (crayon and wash, c.1922)
Feeds Round: Stable-time in the Wagon-lines, France (oil on canvas, 1922)
Major-General A. G. L. McNaughton, CB, CMG, DSO (pencil, 1940)
Rt Hon Ernest Brown: Minister of Labour and National Service (pencil, c.1940)
Women Railway Porters in Wartime (watercolour, c.1943)
On the Wire (pencil, charcoal and watercolour, 1972)

London – The Ingram Collection of Modern British Art
Bond Street (pencil and watercolour, c.1916)
The Garden of Eden (oil on canvas, c.1926)
Study for The Ballet (pencil, c.1932)
Study for Masks (pencil, c.1932)
Spanish Dancers (pencil, 1935)
The Recorder Player (oil on canvas, 1935–6)
Study for Cricket (pencil, 1938)
Artist and Wife (pencil and watercolour, 1940)
The News, 1941. Gouache
The Railway Station (pencil, watercolour, pen and red ink, c.1943)
The Rhododendron (oil on canvas, 1947–8)
The Swimming Bath (pencil and watercolour, c.1959)
The Goldfish Bowl (pen and ink, 1968)
Demolition (pencil, 1970)
Saturday Night (oil on canvas, c.1970)
The Party, c.1970. Oil on canvas
Study for Beauty Queens (pencil and watercolour, 1974)
Beauty Queens (oil on canvas, 1974)

London – National Portrait Gallery
Portrait of a Boy Wearing a Blue Scarf (self-portrait) (watercolour, pencil and blue crayon, 1908–10)
T. F. Powys (pencil, 1926)
H. E. Bates (pencil, 1927)
John Maynard Keynes, Baron Keynes; Lydia Keynes, Lady Keynes (oil on canvas, 1932)
Helen (aka Helen Brook) (oil on canvas, c.1934)
Self-portrait (pencil and watercolour, c.1965)
The Artist and his Wife (oil on canvas, 1975)

London – Royal Academy of Arts
Combat (aka Battle of the Amazons) (oil on canvas, 1966)

London – Tate Gallery
In addition to the works listed below, the Tate Gallery has acquired over 100 works from the estate of John David Roberts. Click on the link above for details.
David Choosing the Three Days' Pestilence (pencil and ink on paper, 1912)
Leadenhall Market (pen and ink, squared, 1913)
Study for The Return of Ulysses (pen and chalk on paper, 1913)
Study for The Return of Ulysses (chalk and watercolour, 1913)
Two-step I (pencil, 1915)
The Diners (oil on canvas, 1919)
Sparring Partners (watercolour on paper, c.1919)
Athletes Exercising in a Gymnasium (pen, watercolour and pencil, 1920)
The Cinema (oil on canvas, 1920)
The Port of London (oil on canvas, c.1922)
The Char (oil on canvas, 1924)
Esther Lahr (oil on canvas, 1925)
Deposition from the Cross (oil on canvas, c.1926)
Self-portrait Wearing a Cap (oil on canvas, 1931)
The Gutter (split as Playground and Skipping) (oil on canvas, 1934–5)
Portrait of Man Lighting a Pipe (oil on canvas, 1948–9)
Cantering to the Post (oil on canvas, 1949)
The Temptation of St Anthony (oil on canvas, 1950–51)
The Horse Dealers (watercolour and black crayon, 1955)
The Cockatoos (oil on canvas, 1958)
Trooping the Colour (oil on canvas, 1958–9)
The Vorticists at the Restaurant de la Tour Eiffel, Spring 1915 (oil on canvas, 1961–2)
L'Algérienne (oil on canvas, 1962)
The Lake (oil on canvas, 1964)

London – Victoria & Albert Museum
Head of a Girl and Other Studies (A Smiling Girl and A Pitiful Object) (red chalk and pencil, c.1908)
Calvary (Wash, c.1908)
Back View of a Woman Carrying a Sheaf of Corn (pen and ink and wash, c.1908)
The Toe Dancer (ink and gouache, 1914)
Soldiers Hanging Camouflage Screens at Roclincourt, Arras, Spring 1917 (ink and watercolour, 1918)
German Prisoners (pencil, pen, ink and watercolour, c.1916)
Taking the Oath (pencil, ink and wash, 1920)
Design for the cover of Fanfare (with fragment of a figure – torso and folded arms – on back in pen, pencil and wash) (pencil and watercolour, c.1921)
The Bedroom (etching, 1925)
Outclassed (etching, c.1925)
London's Fairs poster (litho print, 1951)
Study for He Knew Degas (pencil, 1938)
Another study for He Knew Degas (gouache and pencil, 1938)
The Cat (pencil and wash, c.1940)

Manchester – Manchester City Art Galleries
Infantry Fatigue Party: Forage Barn (pen, pencil and wash, 1919)
Portrait of a Woman (Sarah) (pencil, 1919)
Woman Seated in a Chair (pencil and wash, 1919)
Study for The Cinema (pen, pencil and wash, 1920)
Sarah (oil on canvas, c.1922)
Sarah (aka A Woman) (oil on canvas, 1927)
Study for Sawing Wood (aka Sawing Logs) (pastel and pencil, 1930)

Manchester – Whitworth Art Gallery
Carpenters at Work (pencil and ink, c.1911)
Novices (aka The Boxing Match) (pencil, ink and watercolour, c.1921)
Study for Love Song in a Bar (with a study of two figures on the back) (black chalk, 1922)
The Bus Stop (aka The Buses) – study for poster (pencil, ink and watercolour, 1924)
Orange Picking (pencil and watercolour, 1970)

Merthyr Tydfil – Cyfarthfa Castle Museum
Portrait of a Boy (John) (oil on canvas, c.1929)

Newcastle upon Tyne – Hatton Gallery
The Goats (oil on canvas, 1952)
Female Life Study, Standing, Full Length, Balancing on One Foot (pencil and wash, c.1928)
Female Life Study, Standing, Full Length, Playing a Flute (pencil and wash, c.1928)

Newport – Newport Museum and Art Gallery
Italian Peasants (pencil and watercolour, 1964)

Northampton – Northampton Art Gallery
Sun-bathing (pen, ink and watercolour, 1931)

Nottingham – Castle Museum and Art Gallery
The Return of Ulysses (oil on canvas, c.1913)
Study for The Tea Garden (pencil drawing, 1928)
The Landing (watercolour, 1942–4)
Heatwave (pencil and watercolour, 1957)
Professor Janko Lavrin (oil on canvas, 1919)

Oxford – Ashmolean Museum
Aircraftman Shaw (aka T. E. Lawrence) (oil on canvas, 1922)
The Park Bench (pencil, 1933)
William Bowman (pencil, 1940)
Self-portrait (pencil and watercolour, c.1965)

Preston – Harris Museum
The Common Market (oil on canvas, 1963)

Reading – Reading Museum and Art Gallery
Feeding the Seagulls (aka The Seagulls) (oil on canvas, 1974)

Salford – Salford Art Gallery
Munitions Factory (oil on canvas, 1940)
The Control Room (oil on canvas, 1941)
Study for The Control Room (pencil, 1941)
Study for The Control Room (watercolour, 1941)

Sheffield – Graves Art Gallery
In the Village of Fampoux (aka Filling in Shell Holes) (pencil and ink, 1917)
The Red Turban (Sarah) (oil on canvas, 1921)
The Tea Garden – study (crayon and watercolour, 1928)
No, No Roger, Cézanne Did Not Use It (pencil and watercolour, 1934)
Trying on a Hat (watercolour, 1946–8)

Southampton – Southampton City Art Gallery
The Travelling Cradle (aka The Builder's Cradle) (pen, ink, pencil and wash, 1920)
The Art Master: Satire of Roger Fry (ink and watercolour, c.1949?)
Revolt in the Desert (oil on canvas, 1952)

Southport – The Atkinson
The Tea Room (oil on canvas, 1938–9)

Stoke-on-Trent – City Museum and Art Gallery
The Creole (aka Portrait of a Negress Helene Yelin) (oil on canvas, 1923)

Swansea – Glynn Vivian Art Gallery
Portrait of Miss Jane Tupper-Carey (oil on canvas, c.1922)

Swindon – Swindon Art Gallery
Study for Bank Holiday in the Park (charcoal and wash, 1923)
La Nature Morte (watercolour, c.1948)

Wakefield – The Hepworth Wakefield
Germans in Constantinople (pencil and wash, c.1916)
Country Scene (aka The Farm and A Rustic Scene) (oil on canvas, 1922)
Pigeon Carriers (aka Pigeon Fanciers) (watercolour and drawing, 1928)

Wolverhampton – Wolverhampton Art Gallery
Kit (oil on canvas, 1923)
Chamber Music (pencil, 1937)

Worthing – Worthing Art Gallery
Hedgecutting (watercolour, date uncertain)

York – York Art Gallery
Elsie (aka Portrait of a Young Woman) (oil on canvas, 1922–3)

National Collections with No Permanent Exhibition Base

Arts Council
Girl with a Red Nose (red chalk, 1909)
Seated Woman [Sarah] (pencil, 1920)
A Gypsy Girl (oil on canvas, 1925–6)
The Flower Arrangement (pencil and watercolour, 1944)
The Guitar Lesson (pen and wash, c.1949)
The Shoe-black (pencil and wash, 1955)
The Seaside (aka Sunbathing) (oil on canvas, c.1965–6)

British Council
Howitzer in Action (pencil, 1918)
The Stockbroker's Clerk (aka The Usurer) (oil on canvas, 1920)
Study for Folk Dance (watercolour, 1936)

Methodist Education Committee
The Crucifixion (aka The Scarlet Robe) (oil on canvas, c.1922)

United States of America

Austin – Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, University of Texas
George Ambrose Lloyd (1st Baron Lloyd) (oil on canvas, 1925)
General Wingate (chalk drawing, 1922)

Cambridge, Mass. – Houghton Library, Harvard University
Flashing Sword – tailpiece drawing for Seven Pillars of Wisdom (ink, 1925–6)
Dignity – tailpiece drawing for Seven Pillars of Wisdom (ink, 1925–6)
Torture – tailpiece drawing for Seven Pillars of Wisdom (not used) (ink, 1925–6)
Object Lesson – tailpiece drawing for Seven Pillars of Wisdom (ink, 1925–6)
Ibrahim Pasha – tailpiece drawing for Seven Pillars of Wisdom (ink, 1925–6)
Male and Female – tailpiece drawing for Seven Pillars of Wisdom (ink, 1925–6)
Male and Female – study for tailpiece drawing (ink, 1925–6)
Luxury – tailpiece drawing for Seven Pillars of Wisdom (ink, 1925–6)
Luxury – study for tailpiece drawing (charcoal, 1925–6)
Revolt – tailpiece drawing for Seven Pillars of Wisdom (not used) (ink and pencil, 1925–6)
Dhaif Allah – tailpiece drawing for Seven Pillars of Wisdom (medium?, 1925–6)
Dhaif Allah – study for tailpiece drawing for Seven Pillars of Wisdom, (pencil, 1925–6)
The Dogs of Harith – tailpiece drawing for Seven Pillars of Wisdom (ink, 1925–6)
The Dogs of Harith – study for tailpiece drawing (red chalk, 1925–6)

New Haven – Yale Center for British Art
Troubadours (pencil, ink and watercolour, c.1919)
Eight Figures Walking (pen and black and red inks, 1919–20)
Study for The Vorticists at the Restaurant de la Tour Eiffel, Spring 1915 (pencil and watercolour, 1961)
Self-portrait (sketching) (watercolour and pencil, 1965?)

New York – Metropolitan Museum of Art
Self-portrait (coloured pencil on paper, 1909–10)
The Travelling Cradle – study (aka The Builder's Cradle) (pencil, pen, ink and watercolour, 1920)
Self-portrait (charcoal and red chalk, c.1920)

New York – Museum of Modern Art
The Wedding (pen, ink and watercolour, 1920)
Homage à Stulik (aka Stulik among the Artists) (pen, ink and watercolour, 1948)

San Marino – Huntington Library and Art Museum
Execution in a Canyon (pen, brush, black ink and brown wash, 1916–17)

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