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Art Gallery (pen and ink), 1956
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Reproduced with the permission of the William Roberts Society

Galleries are in London unless otherwise indicated, and the list of works shown in any particular exhibition may not be exhaustive.

1912 Crosby Hall, Chelsea, 'Exhibition of Designs for Mural Painting and for the Decoration of Schools and Other Buildings', 3–29 June 1912 (The Legend of Cuchulain)
1913 New English Art Club, Royal Society of British Artists Galleries, Dec. 1913 (Return of Ulysses)
1914 Alpine Club Gallery, 'Grafton Group, Second Exhibition', Jan. 1914 (Figure Composition)
Liverpool, Sandon Studios' Society, 'Exhibition of Pictures Lent through the Contemporary Art Society', Feb. 1914 (Carpenters at Work)
Whitechapel Gallery, 'Twentieth Century Art – A Review of Modern Movements', 8 May–20 June 1914 (The Resurrection, Lucy's Dream from Richard Feverel, The Dance, Study of Boy's Head, Study for Decorative Panel, Study for Design, The Parting – 'an abstract work' – and 'Drawing')
'Generally there is a banal level of incompetent imitation, and particularly has the youngest generation suffered. Thus the charming and academic (after the manner of the Slade School tradition) "Study of a Boy's Head," by Mr. Roberts, who is a very young man, has already given place to the most ordinary cubistic patterns. If such evolutions were legitimately worked out the evil would not be serious, for it would be seldom. Mr. Roberts has, however, managed to compress the development of a lifetime into six months. Now his only hope is to be born again' – J.M.M. (John Middleton Murray), Westminster Gazette, 21 May 1914
New English Art Club, Royal Society of British Artists Galleries, summer 1914 (Boxers)
Rebel Art Centre (Dancers and Religion)
1915 London Group, 'Second Exhibition', Goupil Gallery, Mar. 1915 (exhibited three works: The Toe Dancer, The Boatman and The Boxers)
Doré Gallery, 'Vorticist Exhibition. The Vorticist Group: The First Exhibition of the Vorticist Group', 10 June–July 1915 (four paintings – Overbacks, Two-step, Jeu and Theatre – and two drawings: Drawing and Theatre. It is likely that the untitled drawing was the study for The Dancers 1913–14 (also known as The Dance), as this was selected by Ezra Pound to be sent to America for John Quinn's Vorticist exhibition in New York in 1917 (Vivien Greene, 'Ezra Pound and John Quinn: The 1917 Penguin Club Exhibition 1917', in The Vorticists (London: Tate, 2011)). In his Some Early Abstract and Cubist Work (1957), William Roberts notes that 'Several paintings, including The Draughts Players and The Party, shown with the Vorticists at the Doré Gallery and afterwards bought by John Quinn of New York, were somehow destroyed in America' (p. 8) . Elsewhere Roberts suggests that The Draughts Players was probably a study for Jeu. No work was exhibited at the Doré Gallery or in New York under the title The Party. It is possible that this is an alternative title used by Roberts for the work known as The Dancers.
1917 New York, Penguin Club, 'Exhibition of the Vorticists', 10 Jan.–1 Feb. 1917 (two paintings – Jen (later corrected by Quinn to Jeu, the title under which it was exhibited at the Doré Gallery in 1915) and Overbacks – and two drawings: Religion and Dancer). All four works were selected by Ezra Pound in London and purchased by John Quinn (two initially and two after the exhibition closed) and became part of Quinn's collection. Quinn died in 1924, and his collection was sold in 1927 (Vivien Greene, 'Ezra Pound and John Quinn: The 1917 Penguin Club Exhibition 1917', in The Vorticists (London: Tate, 2011)).
1919 Royal Academy (1), 'Canadian War Memorial Exhibition', 3 Jan.–1 Mar. 1919 (The 1st German Gas Attack at Ypres)
Washington, DC, Corcoran Gallery of Art, 'War Paintings and Drawings by British Artists Exhibited under the Auspices of the Ministry of Information', 14 Jan.–2 Feb. 1919, and thereafter touring the US (including Detroit Museum of Art, 3–30 June 1919) (Signallers, The Gas Chamber, The Menin Road)
Oxford, Hills and Saunders Gallery, 'Cubist Exhibition', June 1919
New English Art Club, '60th Exhibition of Modern Drawings in Watercolour and Black and White by the New English Art Club', Maddox Street Galleries, summer 1919 (Burying the Dead after Battle 1919, The Wiring Party 1918–19)
Royal Academy (2), 'The Nation's War Paintings and Other Records', 12 Dec. 1919–7 Feb. 1920 (Tommies Filling Their Water Bottles with Rain from a Shell Hole, A Shell Dump, France, Study for A Shell Dump, France, Pack Mules, Rosières Valley, In the Ypres Sector, An Attack – the Capture of Delville Wood, During a Battle, Gunners Turning Out for an SOS. Battery Action at Night, A Group of Generals, Sketch for A Shell Dump, France)
1920 Manchester City Art Gallery, 'The Nation's War Pictures from the Imperial War Museum', 10 Mar.–8 May 1920 (Tommies Filling Their Water Bottles with Rain from a Shell Hole, Study for A Shell Dump, France)
Mansard Gallery (Heal's), 'Group X', 26 Mar.–24 Apr. 1920 (with Jessica Dismorr, Frank Dobson, Frederick Etchells, Charles Ginner, Cuthbert J. Hamilton, Wyndham Lewis, E. McKnight Kauffer, John Turnbull and Edward Wadsworth) (Athletes Exercising in a Gymnasium, The Wedding, The Auction Room, The Cockneys (oil and study))
Derby Art Gallery, 'Exhibition of Advanced Art', 17 Apr.–6 June 1920 (The March of the Guards)
New English Art Club, '62nd Exhibition of the New English Art Club', Royal Society of Painters in Water Colours Galleries, 7 June–3 July 1920 (The Travelling Cradle)
Imperial War Museum and Great Victory Exhibition at Crystal Palace, 'Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture', June–Oct. 1920
Goupil Gallery, Goupil Salon, 1920, Nov.–Dec. 1920 (The Stockbroker's Clerk)
1921 Independent Gallery, 'Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture by Some Independent Painters and Sculptors', 5–20 Feb. 1921 (The Travelling Cradle, The Riot, Boxing Match, study for The Cinema)
Mansard Gallery (Heal's), 'Exhibition by Members of the Friday Club and Others', 2–30 Apr. 1921 (The Rehearsal)
Paris, Galerie Druet, 'Exposition d'un Groupe de Peintres Modernes [Anglais]', 27 June–8 July 1921 (four works on paper: Joueur de guitare, Vie sauvage, Dans les coulisses, Acrobates)
1922 Whitechapel Gallery, 'Modern British Art', 21 Mar.–21 Apr. 1922 (Portrait of a Man)
Goupil Gallery, 'Spring Exhibition', Mar.–Apr. 1922 (The River)
London Group (1), 'Sixteenth Exhibition', Mansard Gallery (Heal's), 8 May–3 June 1922 (The Last 'Bus, Novices)
Leicester Galleries, 'Drawings Old and New', July 1922 (Girl Standing with Arms Folded)
Goupil Gallery, 'Summer Exhibition', July 1922 (The Bridge)
London Group (2), 'Seventeenth Exhibition', Mansard Gallery (Heal's), 16 Oct.–11 Nov. 1922 (At the Hippodrome, Dock Gates)
1923 New English Art Club, Royal Society of Painters in Water Colours Galleries, 1–26 Jan. 1923 (Portrait of a Youth (oil?))
Grosvenor House, 'Contemporary Art Society. Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings', 30 June–8 July 1923 (The Red Turban, The Resurrection 1912, Infantry Fatigue Party: Forage Barn 1919)
Chenil Galleries, 'Paintings and Drawings by William Roberts', Nov. 1923 (The Crucifixion, Dock Gates, Behind the Scenes, The Art Critic P. G. Konody, Gymnasts, The Usurer, Portrait of Miss Tupper-Carey, Fred, Girl in Mauve Hat, Portrait, Elsie, River Scene, Le Patron, Brass Balls, The Banjo, The Box, Her Baby, The Tumbler, Sea Frolic, Captain Robin Buxton, A Girl's Head, Head of a Youth, Sarah, Jewish Melody, The Dance Club, Love Song in a Bar, Country Scene, Sarah, John, Aircraftman Ross (aka Portrait of T. E. Lawrence), Colonel S. F. Newcombe DSO, Colonel Sir Henry McMahon, General Sir Reginald Wingate, Lord Winterton, Camel March, The Joke, The Picture Dealer (aka The Connoisseur), The Toast, The Creole, Kit, study for Bank Holiday in the Park, Waiting in the Café (aka Discussion in a Café), The Poor Family, nine drawings (including Woman Standing?) – catalogue foreword by Muirhead Bone
1924 Edinburgh, 'The Ninety-Eighth Exhibition of the Royal Scottish Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture', Royal Scottish Academy, 19 Apr.–30 Aug. 1924 (Dock Gates, The Picture Dealer, Colonel Sir Henry McMahon, Camel March)
Wembley, Palace of Arts, the British Empire Exhibition, 23 Apr. –31 Oct. 1924 (History of the Omnibus, The Violet Hat)
New English Art Club, Royal Society of Painters in Water Colours Galleries, 2–28 June 1924 (The Bus Stop 1924)
Goupil Gallery, '14th Goupil Gallery Salon', Oct.–Nov. 1924 (Anita)
1925 New English Art Club (1), 'Special Retrospective Exhibition (1886–1924) and 71st Exhibition', Spring Gardens Gallery, 5 Jan.–14 Feb. 1925; Manchester City Art Gallery, 2 Apr.–9 May 1925 (Provence, Decapitations, Shipping)
Mayor Gallery, Mar. 1925, group exhibition by 'younger men and women' (4.5 Howitzer)
New English Art Club (2), '72nd Exhibition of the New English Art Club', Spring Gardens Gallery, 55 Apr.–23 May. 1925 (The Boat Pond, The Dentist)
Wembley, Palace of Arts, the British Empire Exhibition, 9 May–31 Oct. 1925 (Outside the Pawnshop, History of the Omnibus?)
London Group, 'Twenty-second Exhibition', 6–26 June 1925 (Rabbi's Wife, The Judgement of Paris, Bank Holiday in the Park)
New Chenil Galleries (1), 'Inaugural Exhibition of Present-Day British Art', June–July 1925 (The Happy Family, Portrait of a Woman)
New Chenil Galleries (2), 'Tri-National Art Exhibition' (painting and sculpture from England, France and America), Oct. 1925 (The Slum Park and three unidentified drawings)
1926 London Group (1), 'Twenty-third Exhibition', Royal Society of Painters in Water Colours Galleries, 9–30 Jan. 1926 (Esther)
Mayor Gallery, 'Modern English Art', Feb. 1926 (Dock Head)
London Group (2), 'Twenty-fourth Exhibition', Royal Society of Painters in Water Colours Galleries, 5–25 June 1926 (The Shimmey, Regrets)
Manchester City Art Gallery, 'Exhibition of the Rutherston Gift of Modern Works of Art', 15 July–11 Sept. 1926 (Portrait of a Woman: The Artist's Wife, Sarah Kramer, study for The Cinema)
Pittsburgh, Carnegie Institute, 'Twenty-fifth Annual International Exhibition of Paintings', 14 Oct.–5 Dec. 1926 (Brass Balls)
New Chenil Galleries (1), 'First Annual Winter Exhibition', Nov. 1926 (Sarah 1922, A Gypsy Girl, Christ Driving the Money Changers from the Temple, An Argument)
Brook Street Galleries, drawings and watercolours by various artists, Nov. 1926
Savile Gallery, 'Old and Modern Drawings', Nov. 1926 (Female Nude, Male Nude)
New Chenil Galleries (2), 'Multi-national Exhibition of Works by French, British, American, German, Swiss and Mexican Artists', Dec. 1926 (Dogs of the Beni Hillal, Sea Bathers, The Champion's Victory)
1927 Leicester Galleries (1), London, 'Exhibition of Paintings, Pastels, Drawings and Woodcuts Illustrating Col. T. E. Lawrence's Book, Seven Pillars of Wisdom', 5 –21 Feb. 1927 (Camel March 1922, Captain Robin Buxton 1922, Colonel Sir Henry McMahon 1922, General Sir Reginald Wingate 1922 and 13 tailpieces 1925–6)
Paris, Galerie Bernheim-Jeune, 'Groupe de la jeune peinture contemporaine', 11 Apr.–6 May 1927 (unknown work by Roberts)
London Artists' Association (1), 163 New Bond Street, 'First Exhibition of the London Artists' Association', May 1927 (Portrait)
University College, 'Works of Art by Teachers and Students of the Slade School 1871–1927', 25 June–2 July 1927 (David Choosing Punishment of the Three Days' Pestilence, The Resurrection, Head (oil), Heads (drawing))
London Artists' Association (2), 163 New Bond Street, paintings and drawings by William Roberts, July 1927 (including The Garden of Eden c.1926, Newspapers 1926 and 'an admirable sketch of a prize-fight, very bright and gay' – The Nation and Athenaeum, 2 July 1927)
Hamburg, Kunstverein 'Europäische Kunst der Gegenwart', 31 July.–2 Oct. 1927 (The Dance Club)
Vienna Secession, 'Meisterwerke Englischer Malerei aus drei Jahrhunderten', 8 Sept.–13 Nov. 1927 (The Resurrection 1912)
Leicester Galleries (2), London, 'Second Exhibition of the London Artists' Association', Nov. 1927 (Garden of Eden, Newspapers, Trafalgar Square, Susannah, Dogs of the Hillal Ali, Portrait, Surprised)
'As in a theatre a good performer is said sometimes to act his companions off the stage, so Mr. Roberts swept his fellow-exhibitors into secondary consideration. He showed the continuation of the spirit of a Hogarth or a Rowlandson combined with an entirely personal modernity of method. In comparison, the other paintings were mere exercises' – T. W. Earp, New Statesman, 17 December 1927
1928 Southport Art Gallery, 'Exhibition of Works by the London Artists' Association', 14 Jan.–11 Feb. 1928 (Brass Balls, The Garden of Eden, Susannah, The Champion)
St George's Gallery (1), 'Contemporary English Water-colours', Feb. 1928 (Loading Ballast)
Imperial Gallery of Art, Mar.–Apr. 1928 (Portrait of a Lady)
Leeds City Art Gallery, 'Exhibition of the London Artists' Association', 31 Mar.–28 Apr. 1928 (Tommies Filling Their Water Bottles with Rain from a Shell Hole, Jazz, Sarah, A London Park)
Venice, 'Biennale di Venezia 16', 31 Mar.–30 Sept. 1928 (Surprise)
London Group, Retrospective Exhibition 1914–1928, New Burlington Galleries, Apr.–May 1928 (Dock Gates, Love Song in a Bar, Loading Ballast, Peasants)

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'Art Critique'
'30th April 1928: Rupert Lee, President of the London Group Retrospective Exhibition explaining points in a painting to two visitors. The painting is "Love Song in a Bar" by William Roberts.'
(Photo by London Express/Getty Images)

Manchester, Platt Hall, Rusholme, 'Exhibition of the London Artists' Association', 5 May–16 June 1928 (A London Park, Susannah, The Pawn Shop)
'Mr. Roberts, although he employs a somewhat "Cubist" formula, is at heart an illustrator a Gothic descendant of those old Northern sculptors who covered our cathedrals and churches with animated and grimacing figures and beasts. Let us put aside our prejudices and all ideas of what painters ought to do, and study at length the full-blooded abandon of his Cockneys enjoying themselves in their Bank Holiday haunts, and the quick movements of the small dogs instinct with life. And we have only to look at "The Pawn Shop" to realise how "photographically" Mr. Roberts could draw if he chose. The probable truth of the matter is that Mr. Roberts is afraid of his own realistic gifts and has sought for a pictorial idiom that will baulk them' – Manchester Guardian, 5 May 1928
St George's Gallery (2), 'Sixth Annual Exhibition of the Modern English Water-colour Society', May 1928 (The Canal)
London Artists' Association, 'Recent Paintings by Members of the London Artists' Association', 92 Bond Street, July 1928 (Jockeys, Love Song in a Bar)
Whitechapel Gallery, 'Contemporary British Art', 16 Oct.–1 Dec. 1928 (The Stockbroker's Clerk 1920, La Femme Tragique c.1925, A Gypsy Girl 1925–6 – from the Hugh Blaker collection)
Eastbourne, Towner Gallery, exhibition of the London Artists' Association, 21 Oct.–15 Dec. 1928 (A London Park, Susannah)
Chicago, Marshall Field Galleries, exhibition by the Contemporary Art Society, Dec. 1928 (The Paddock, Pawn Shop)
'William Robert's [sic] mechanistic pictures "The Paddock" and the "Pawn Shop" [are among] the outstanding features of the show' – Art News, 1 Dec. 1928
New York, Marie Sterner Gallery, exhibition by the London Artists' Association, Dec. 1928 (unknown works by Roberts)
'William Roberts contributes canvases filled with mechanistic figures woven into a sort of staccato pattern and executed in bright hard color which stem from no British tradition certainly and but markedly from any other, although they bear indications of having passed through cubism' – Evening Post (NY), 15 Dec. 1928
1929 Plymouth Museum and Art Gallery, exhibition of the London Artists' Association, 20 (?) Jan.–9 Feb. 1929 (Susannah)
St George's Gallery, 'Seventh Annual Exhibition of the Modern English Water-colour Society', Mar. 1929 (Carpet Beaters)
Derby, Derby Corporation Art Gallery, 'Exhibition of the London Artists' Association', 27 Apr.–2 June 1929 (A London Park, Susannah)
Manchester, Platt Hall, Rusholme, 'The Hugh Blaker Collection of Modern Paintings and Drawings', 4 May–5 June 1929 (The Stockbroker's Clerk 1920, La Femme Tragique c.1925, A Gypsy Girl 1925–6)
London Artists' Association (1), 'Paintings by William Roberts', Cooling Galleries, 12–29 June 1929 (including Rhine Boat, Portrait of a Boy, The Prodigal Departs, Thoughts, The Boat Pond, Pawnshop, Antony in Egypt, Deposition, Surprise, Garden of Eden, Susannah, The Swimming Bath, Carpet Beaters, Loading Ballast, Pigeon Fanciers)
Brighton, Brighton Public Art Galleries, 'The Hugh Blaker Collection of Oil Paintings, Watercolours and Drawings', 7 Sept.–5 Oct. 1929 (The Stockbroker's Clerk 1920, La Femme Tragique c.1925, A Gypsy Girl 1925–6)
Birmingham, Ruskin Gallery, 'Exhibition of the London Artists' Association', 1–12 Oct. 1929 (The Swimming Lesson)
Edinburgh, Royal Scottish Academy, 1929 (Armistice Night)
Whitechapel Gallery, 'Exhibition of Contemporary British Art, Including the Collection of Edward Marsh, Esq.', 24 Oct.–1 Dec. 1929 (The Return of Ulysses 1913, The Resurrection 1912, Kit 1923, Pigeon Fanciers 1928, Camel Corps 1929)
Pittsburgh, Carnegie Institute, 'Twenty-eighth Annual International Exhibition of Paintings', 17 Oct.–8 Dec. 1929 (Bank Holiday in the Park, Bohemians, The Prodigal Sets Out)
London Artists' Association (2), 'Recent Paintings by Bernard Adeney . . . William Roberts . . . ', 92 Bond Street, 8–30 Nov. 1929 (Portrait of an American, The Tea Garden)
Sheffield, Mappin Art Gallery, 'British Artists of To-Day' (Museums Association circulating exhibition), 5 Dec. 1929–9 Feb. 1930 (The Rhine Boat)
1930 Mansard Gallery, Heal's, inaugural exhibition, Feb. 1930 (The Pawnshop)
St George's Gallery, 'Eighth Annual Exhibition of the Modern English Water-colour Society', Feb.–Mar. 1930 (Feeding Gulls, study for The Prodigal Son)
M. Knoedler & Co. 1930, Contemporary British Paintings: Loan Exhibition in Aid of the Prince of Wales' General Hospital, 11–31 Mar. 1930 (The Return of Ulysses)
St Louis, City Art Museum, exhibition by English and German artists, Apr. 1930 (Bank Holiday in the Park)
Grafton Galleries, 'First Annual Exhibition of the National Society of Painters, Sculptors, Engravers, and Potters', May 1930
Bradford, Cartwright Memorial Hall, 'Jubilee Exhibition', spring 1930
Venice, 'Biennale di Venezia 18', 4 May–4 Nov. 1930
London Artists' Association, 'Landscapes and Flower Paintings', Cooling Galleries, 4 June–5 July 1930 (Sawing Wood)
Manchester City Art Gallery, Platt Hall, Rusholme, 'Contemporary Art Society: Paintings and Drawings', 21 June–9 Aug. 1930; then at Royal Leamington Spa Art Gallery, late Aug.–15 Oct. 1930 (Armistice Night, The Happy Family, Sarah 1922, At the Hippodrome, The Jockeys, The Creole)
'William Roberts . . . is of the race of "comic artists," though no descriptive jokes are printed with his designs: his "Happy Family" and his "Paddock" and others are irresistible. Whether oil-paint, and on an important scale, is the proper vehicle for such observations is open to question. So fertile a humourist should be doing cartoons for The Daily Herald or posters for the Underground Railway' – Royal Leamington Spa Courier and Warwickshire Standard, 29 Aug. 1930
Savile Gallery, 'Contemporary French and English Paintings' (and nine drawings), July 1930 (Head of a Woman, Study of a Female Nude)
Arthur Tooth & Sons, 'An Exhibition of Contemporary English Drawings', 26 Nov.–Dec. 1930 (Feeding Gulls 1929)
1931 Newcastle upon Tyne, Laing Art Gallery, 'Modern Paintings and Drawings Lent by Edward Marsh, Esq.', 1931 (Camel March 1923)
Whitechapel Gallery, 'Exhibition of the Contemporary Art Society's Paintings and Drawings', 27 Apr.–30 May 1931 (The Paddock)
London Artists' Association (1), 'Paintings of London', Cooling Galleries, 13 May–6 June 1931 (Bank Holiday in the Park, The Tea Garden)
London Artists' Association (2), Watercolours and drawings by members of the London Artists' Association, Cooling Galleries, July 1931
'William Roberts shows some of his clever and amusing compositions of an abstract nature, on the whole the most desirable drawings in the exhibition. I prefer the drawings and water-colours of Roberts to the large paintings he manufactures from them. As paintings his designs lose lightness and charm, and things amusing are better quietly stated than shouted through a megaphone. Moreover, the tyrannous mannerism of Roberts's style, concealed by delicate washes of water-colour, is revealed in all its crudity when his compositions are squared up to a big scale and painted in oils' – The Scotsman, 9 July 1931
'[T]he cubistic figures of William Roberts [are] apparently remote from anything like naturalism, resembling in a heavier mood the glass mannikins of Vienna. Yet, observed with the intention of finding the essential simplicities of nature under the masquerade of cylindrical convention, there is evidence enough that these brilliantly transformed men and women are in every crowd through which we pass; gesture, pose, grimace come to seem, as in all good caricature, more real than the original reality, and the violent attack of the method is seen to cover subtleties that could only have been developed by intimate study of the contemporary scene' – Elisabeth Luther Carey, New York Times, 6 Sept. 1931
Stoke-on-Trent, Hanley Museum and Art Gallery, 'Autumn Loan Exhibition', 10 Oct.–26 Dec. 1931 (Sarah 1927)
London Artists' Association (3), 'Recent Paintings and Drawings by William Roberts', Cooling Galleries, 28 Oct.–28 Nov. 1931 (A Gypsy Girl 1925–6, Going to Swim, Les Routiers, The Chess Players, Sun-bathing, Primrose Hill, Portrait of Artist Wearing a Cap, The Restaurant, The Schoolboy, A Talk about Buddha, etc.)
'A detail that struck a feminine observer – this artist sees the immense decorative possibilities of the knitted pull-over' – The Graphic, 7 Nov. 1931
Dundee, Corporation Art Galleries, 'Oil Paintings by British Artists of To-day' (Museums Association circulating exhibition), 10 Nov. 1931–2 Jan. 1932 (The Rhine Boat 1927)
Abdy Galleries, 'Exhibition of Watercolours and Drawings by John Armstrong . . . William Roberts', 1931–2 (Loading Ballast, study for The Tea Garden)
1932 Ottawa, National Gallery, 'Contemporary British Painting', Mar. 1932 (The Rhine Boat 1927)
Hull, Ferens Gallery, 'Spring Exhibition', 1 Apr.–? 1932 (The Rhine Boat – study 1927–8)
Venice, 'Biennale di Venezia 18', 28 Apr.–28 Oct. 1932 (The Return of Ulysses c.1913, Head of Woman 1920–21, Kit 1923, Beach Fun c.1929, The Chess Players 1929–30, Les Routiers 1931)
London Artists' Association, 'Flower and Figure Paintings', Cooling Galleries, June–July 1932 (John Maynard Keynes and Lydia Lopokova)
Hamburg, Kunstverein, 'Neue Englische Kunst', 26 June–31 July 1932 (Bank Holiday in the Park, A Gypsy Girl 1925–6, The Garden of Eden, Portrait of an American, The Restaurant, The Swimming Lesson? (as Schwimmunterricht), unidentified portrait of a boy, from the collection of Wilfrid Evill (as Knabenkopf))
Arthur Tooth & Sons, 'Exhibition of Pictures Acquired by the Contemporary Art Society', 28 Sept.–15 Oct. 1932 (Armistice Night, The Paddock, The Happy Family)
Eton College, modern British paintings and drawings from the collection of Hugh Blaker, Oct.–Nov. 1932
Manchester, Salon Club, Nov. 1932 (unidentified portrait)
1933 London Artists' Association (1), 'London Artists' Association General Exhibition', Cooling Galleries, Jan. 1933 (The Ballet 1932, The Masks c.1932)
'Roberts is an artist one cannot but admire, no matter how much one deplores his retention of frigid mannerising that prevents the full development of his remarkable gifts. One can hardly open a magazine nowadays without seeing clever plagiarisations of his style. Popular black-and-white men find him, in Fuseli's famous phrase about Blake "D— good to steal from."' – The Scotsman, 13 Jan. 1933
Melbourne and Sydney, Farmer's Blaxland Galleries in association with Redfern Galleries London, 'Exhibition of British Contemporary Art', Apr. 1933 (The Swimming Lesson c.1929)
London Artists' Association (2), 'Water-colours, Drawings and Pastels by the Members of the Association', Cooling Galleries, May–June 1933 (Descent from the Cross, study for The Tea Garden, study for Beach Fun)
London Artists' Association (3), 'Summer Show', Cooling Galleries, June–July 1933 (A Seat in the Park)
R.  E. Wilson's Gallery, exhibition of English drawings, old and modern, July 1933 (Girl Playing a Guitar)
Liverpool, Walker Art Gallery, '59th Autumn Exhibition', 4 Oct.–13 Dec. 1933 (The Paddock, The Chess Players)
Pittsburgh, Carnegie Institute, 'Thirty-first International Exhibition of Paintings', 19 Oct.–10 Dec. 1933 (Beach Fun)
London Artists' Association (4), Cooling Galleries, Nov.(–Dec.?) 1933 (Water-wings, The Judgement of Paris 1933, A Talk about Buddha, study for The Masks)
Anglo-German Club, 'Contemporary British Art', Dec. 1933 (Seat in Park)
1934 London Artists' Association, 'London Artists' Association Retrospective Exhibition', Cooling Galleries, Mar. 1934 (The Judgement of Paris 1933)
Newcastle upon Tyne, Laing Art Gallery, 'Exhibition of Collection of Works Lent by the C.A.S.', 1934 (The Happy Family 1924)
Sunderland, Public Art Gallery, 'Modern Paintings on Loan from the Contemporary Art Society', 26 Sept.–31 Oct. 1934 (Dr Paul de Zoysa c.1931)
Pittsburgh, Carnegie Institute, 'The 1934 International Exhibition of Paintings', 18 Oct.–9 Dec. 1934 (The Masks c.1932)
Bradford, Cartwright Memorial Hall, 'Modern British Drawings Loaned by Wyndham T. Vint', 27 Oct.–end Dec. 1934 (Nativity – study, c.1913)
New Zealand and Australia (Dunedin, Christchurch, Auckland, Wanganui, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne), 'Loan Collection of Contemporary British Art', organised by the Empire Art Loan Collections Society, 1934–5 (The Chess Players, The Stockbroker's Clerk)
1935 Canada and USA, 'Contemporary British Painting', National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Jan. 1935; then to Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Vancouver, St Louis (Mo.), Providence (RI) till Dec. 1935 (Sun-bathing 1931)
Arthur Tooth & Sons, 'Contemporary British Paintings (Hire-Purchase terms)', 17 Jan.–9 Feb. 1935 (Christ Driving the Money Changers from the Temple 1925)
Lefevre Gallery (1), 'New Paintings and Drawings by William Roberts', Feb.–Mar. 1935 (12 oils and 21 drawings, including The Judgement of Paris 1933, Spanish Beggars 1933, Mediterranean Folk 1934, The Family 1934, Sam Rabin versus Black Eagle 1934, Shuttlecock 1934, Helen)
'At first you feel that [Roberts's] interest in life is so great that he is going to make a sort of Bateman comic drawing; but always his love of shapes as shapes proves stronger than his love of character, and he remains one of the abstract school. He does things perilously like comic drawings, but he seems to shrink from being classed with the Punch men, whose humour is always completely intelligible. He is half literary and half monumental' – The Scotsman, 7 Feb. 1935
Lefevre Gallery (2), '30 British Painters', Mar. 1935 (Portrait of a Boy c.1932, Portrait of a Girl with Plaits c.1931, Portrait of a Woman Wearing Ear-rings c.1934)
Mayor Gallery, 'Twenty-Five Years of British Painting, 1910–1935', Apr.–May 1935
Bath, Pump Room, 'Second Festival of Contemporary Arts', Apr.–May 1935 (Sam Rabin versus Black Eagle 1934)
Tate Gallery (1), 'Silver Jubilee Exhibition of Some of the Works Acquired by the Contemporary Art Society', 2 July–3 Aug. 1935 (The Picture Dealer, Jockeys, The Creole)
Tate Gallery (2), 'Loan Collection of Paintings, Drawings and Engravings by Contemporary British Artists Recently Exhibited in New Zealand and Australia under the Auspices of the Empire Art Loan Collections Society', 17–31 Oct. 1935 (The Chess Players, The Stockbroker's Clerk)
Bucharest, 'Desenul si Gravura Engleza (Secolele XVIII–XX)', Dec. 1935–Mar. 1936 (Burying the Dead after Battle 1919)
1936 Perth, Perth Art Gallery and Museum, 'Drawings and Water Colours by Modern Artists' (from the collection of Wyndham T. Vint), 20 Mar.–14 May 1936 (study for Nativity, A. E. Coppard, T. F. Powys, H. E. Bates, Rhys Davies, Liam O'Flaherty, Prisoner of War)
Vienna, 'Ausstellung von Britischen Aquarellen, Zeichnungen und Stichen, 1735–1935', 4–26 Apr. 1936 (Burying the Dead after Battle 1919)
Harrogate, Harrogate Art Gallery, Exhibition of contemporary art, 6 Apr.–31 May 1936 (The Creole 1923)
Wakefield, Wakefield City Art Gallery, 'Exhibition of Works by Distinguished Living British Artists', 16 May–13 June 1936 (The Golden Age, Country Scene, Sun-bathing, 'Portrait')
Bradford, Cartwright Memorial Hall, 'Modern Oil Paintings Loaned by Wyndham T. Vint', 4 July–? 1936 (portrait of Sarah Roberts)
Hull, Ferens Gallery, 'Exhibition of Contemporary Art', July 1936 (Sun-bathing 1931, The Golden Age c.1934)
Pittsburgh, Carnegie Institute, 'The 1936 International Exhibition of Painting', 15 Oct.–6 Dec. 1936 (Sun-bathing 1931)
Johannesburg Art Gallery, 'British Council Empire Exhibition', 1936 (Camel March 1923)
1937 Cheltenham, 'Water-colours and Drawings by Modern Artists, Kindly Lent by Wyndham T. Vint, Esq., M.A., of Bradford', Jan.–Feb. 1937; then at Brighton Art Gallery, 8 May–2 June 1937; Northampton Art Gallery, 13(?) Aug.–9 Oct. 1937; Royal Leamington Spa Art Gallery 22(?) Oct.–21 Nov. 1937 (study for Nativity, A. E. Coppard, T. F. Powys, H. E. Bates, Rhys Davies, Liam O'Flaherty, Prisoner of War)
Redfern Gallery, 'Contemporary English Paintings', 4–27 Feb. 1937 (Gun Team)
Leicester Galleries, London, 'Works by Members of the London Group', Mar. 1937 (The Judgement of Paris 1933)
Wolverhampton, Municipal Art Gallery, 'Contemporary Art Society Collection', 13? Mar.–10 Apr. 1937 (The Creole, The Chess Players, The Happy Family)
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'Roberts using a technique which is rigidly conventional and almost geometrically inhuman, gives us a result which is as intensely human as any painting done today. Admitted that Roberts’s humanity is not that of the Christmas supplement, his humour is sardonic, he does not temper the chill of his wit to the lambs that he shears so drastically, nevertheless every one of his compositions is compact with life and living observation’ – Jan Gordon, The Observer, 6 Mar. 1938
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Whitechapel Gallery, 'An Exhibition of Contemporary British Art', 26 May–16 July 1938
'William Roberts tries to paint subjects of more than purely private interest, but his somewhat tortuous mode of thought – a survival presumably of his Plank-art days – limit [sic] the appeal of his expression' – Anthony Blunt, The Listener, 16 June 1938
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Redfern Gallery (2), 'French and English Paintings, Drawings and Prints', 25 July–28 Sept. 1940 (The Walking Delegates)
Royal Academy, 'United Artists' Exhibition', 5 Jan.–9 Mar. 1940 (Sun-bathing)
'William Roberts has been painting steadily for twenty years; he early found his individual style and his appropriate subject-matter. He has never become a fashionable painter, nor has he taken part in the formation of any group or school. Some people react strongly against his mannerism, but as mannerism it is quite comparable to the mannerism of a Cosima Tura or a Seurat – it has the same steel-like torsion of the one and the same geometrical orderliness of the other . . . Here, if anywhere, is a proletarian painter; but he is never recognised as such by those ideologists of the left who prefer to go to Mexico for a hero' – Herbert Read, The Listener, 11 Jan 1940
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1942 Victoria & Albert Museum, 'British Water-colours and Drawings 1919–1939', Apr.–? 1942 (Woman and Dog)
Redfern Gallery, 'William Roberts', July–Aug. 1942 (18 oils, 23 drawings – only three paintings and four drawings sold; works included Sun-bathers, Errand Boys, The Toque, The Judgement of Paris 1933, Boy in a Blue Jersey, The River, The Restaurant, Woman with a Red Collar, Demolition Squad, Errand Boys, Cow-men, Pigeons, He Knew Degas, The Recorder Player, Portrait of a Young Man, Folk Dance, Windy Day, study for The Masks c.1932, No, No Roger 1934, Water Polo – watercolour 1938, Cricket 1938)
'Some people complain that Roberts is too bound to his own conventions, but in his case the form is dictated by what seems to be a politico-plastic creed, as suggested by the colour of his tie in the striking "Self-portrait." His human beings, tubular like robots, gambol uncouthly in moulds forced on them by social conditions. His production is limited by what might be called the elaborate growing pains of his method, so that each completed work had [sic] the aspect of being cast in epic form' – Jan Gordon, 'London Commentary', Studio 124 (1942)
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British Council tour (1): London (Victoria & Albert Museum), Australia (Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Hobart, Sydney, Brisbane), New Zealand (Wanganni, Napier, Dannevirke, Takapuna, Waipukurau, Wellington, Auckland, Rotorua, Hamilton), 'Contemporary British Prints and Drawings from the Wakefield Collection', Mar. 1947–Nov. 1950 (Folk Dance)
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Toronto, 'Canadian National Exhibition', 22 Aug.–6 Sept. 1947 (The Palm Foretells 1937)
British Council tour (2): South Africa (Bloemfontein, Durban, Cape Town, Pretoria and Pietermaritzburg) and possibly also Southern Rhodesia (Bulawayo, Salisbury, Umtali and Gwelo), though not all the exhibition was shown there, 'Contemporary British Paintings and Drawings', 1 Sept. 1947–30 Oct. 1948 (The Try-on 1931, study for Sunbathing 1936, Woman Bathing Child 1939, Woman and Dog 1939)
Contemporary Art Society, the flat of Wilfrid A. Evill, London, 'Part of a Collection of Oil Paintings, Water Colours, Drawings and Sculpture Belonging to W. A. Evill, Esq.', Dec. 1947–Feb. 1948 (The Judgement of Paris 1933)
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Royal British Artists Society, spring 1949 (The Tip, Portrait of a Woman)
Royal Academy, Summer Exhibition, 1949 (Ernest Cooper Esq.)
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Leicester Galleries (3), London, 'New Drawings, Satirical and Otherwise, by William Roberts', Nov. 1949 (27 watercolour drawings and one painting – ten pictures were sold; works included Spanish Rhythm, Channel Crossing 1934–5, Self-portrait 1936–7, Cricket 1938, The Guitarist 1943, The Gypsies 1946–7, Crossing the Minch 1946–7, Les Rapins 1946–9, Homage à Stulik 1948, A Reception at the London Group 1948–9, Bus Stop 1948–9)
'To continue with drawings, William Roberts at the Leicester Gallery has a great display (twenty-eight altogether); for those who can appreciate fine drawing a memorable collection. These things are very different from the work of [Augustus] John, and it may be instructive to compare "Ironing Board" by Roberts with John's Gipsy. For Roberts man is a machine, for John he is a spirit' – Wyndham Lewis, The Listener, 17 Nov. 1949
London Group, 'Contemporary Drawing, Painting, Sculpture', New Burlington Galleries, 20 Dec. 1949–17 Jan. 1950 (The Sailor's Return, La Gitana)
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Royal Academy, Summer Exhibition, 1953 (Trafalgar Square)
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Football Association, Park Lane House, 'Football and the Fine Arts', 12 Oct.–7 Nov. 1953; then Arts Council tour (as 'Football: An Exhibition of Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture, Organised by the Football Association') to Birkenhead, Blackpool, Bootle, Bradford, Kettering, Leeds, Manchester, Salford, Sheffield, Wolverhampton, Aberdeen, and two other venues (The Lesson)
Dudley Public Library, 'Life in Industry 1900–50' (At the Hippodrome)
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Australia and New Zealand (including Perth Art Gallery, Mar. 1954; National Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, 4–23 May 1954; National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, June 1954; Queen Victoria Art Galley, Launceston, 14–20 July 1954; National Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, 1–14 Sept. 1954; Queensland National Art Gallery, Brisbane, 25 Oct.–25 Nov. 1954; Robert McDougall Art Gallery, Christchurch, ? Nov.–18 Dec. 1955), 'British Water-colours 1914–1953', organised by the Empire Art Loan Exhibitions Society (Religious Subject (Decapitations) c.1912, The Bus Stop 1924, Palmistry 1937)
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Tate Gallery, 'Wyndham Lewis and Vorticism', 6 July–19 Aug. 1956; then Arts Council tour to Manchester City Art Gallery, 1–22 Sept. 1956; Glasgow Art Gallery, 29 Sept.–20 Oct. 1956; Bristol City Art Gallery, 27 Oct. –17 Nov. 1956; Leeds City Art Gallery, 24 Nov.–15 Dec. 1956 (study for Nativity, Germans in Constantinople, The Gas Chamber, The Harem, Peasants, Troubadours, The Cinema)
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Geneva, Musée d'Art et d'Histoire, 'Art et Travail', 14 June–22 Sept. 1957 (Sawing Wood 1930)
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1958 Arts Council tour, 'The Arts Council Collection: After Impressionism', Jan.–Nov. 1958 (Seated Woman, A Gypsy Girl 1925–6)
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Wakefield, Contemporary Art Society gifts to Yorkshire Galleries, Apr. 1962; then touring to Doncaster, Sheffield, Scarborough, Bradford, Scunthorpe, Leeds (Swarthmore Institute) and (Jan. 1963) Batley (Carpet Beaters, The Palm Foretells)
Royal Academy, Summer Exhibition, 1962 (The Vorticists, L'Algerienne)
Leicester Galleries (2), London, 'Artists of Fame and of Promise', Part 1, 25 July–18 Aug. 1962 (The Docks, Shipping)
Leicester Galleries (3), London, 'Artists of Fame and of Promise', Part 2, 30 Aug–22 Sept. 1962 (The Ex-serviceman)
Texas, University of Texas, 'T. E. Lawrence 1920–35', 1962 (George Ambrose Lloyd 1925)
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'As an experimenter [Roberts] was outshone by Wadsworth as well as Lewis, but Roberts had other qualities which, I think, make him one of the key figures of English painting between the wars. He was, for instance, one of the few painters to combine the intellectual inventiveness offered by Cubism and its offshoots with a compassionate human awareness . . . There is, on the other hand, nothing sentimental about his work. There is, rather, a sardonic humour freely at play in his studies of people in cinemas, indulging in Bank Holidays or watching television . . . But, above all, Roberts has a remarkable organizational ability in that he can crowd a canvas or a drawing . . . with a multitude of people, without evert losing the sense of form or space, so that what could be a jumble is turned into a carefully articulated and cohesive whole' – T. G. Rosenthal, The Listener, 2 Dec. 1965
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In front of WR's six entries for that year's Summer Exhibition, British politician Lady Violet Bonham Carter, Baroness Asquith, addresses the Royal Academy of Arts annual dinner in London on 27 April 1967 – the first time that women had been allowed to attend the event. (Click to enlarge.)
(Photo by Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

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